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Welcome to Painzio:
Your Path to  Pain free Life

Get early access to a first-of-its-kind non-surgical integrated chronic pain care program.
(Available in select locations in Bangalore, India).


About Us

We are a tech driven, Doctor-led, non-surgical, phygital platform with multidisciplinary integrated care for chronic Musculoskeletal pain:

  •       Joints

  •       Back

  •       Shoulder

  •       Neck

Our Unique Approach


Expert multi-disciplinary team with integrated care

* Pain specialist doctor-led program

* Team of Physiotherapist, Care

  Manager,  Nutritionist & Psychologist

* Integrated Care Program



Evidence-based care with at least 3 x better Outcomes

* Latest evidence-based Protocols

   & Methodologies used

* 3 x more effective than traditional uni-model method

* Measurable outcomes



Accessible + Convenient
(Online, @Home, Clinic)

* Access care either online, at a

   nearby clinic or at home

* A care plan that fits into your

   busy lifestyle


Our Benefits - The Four Better

1. 3x Better

Better Results up 3x means  300% better pain reduction and better recovery as compared to traditional treatment.

2. Better

Integrated Team of Experts (Pain Specialist, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist & Psychologist)

All working together to solve your problem.

3. Better

Omnichannel ( At Clinic / Online / @ Home) - whatever you prefer.

We are there to support you in the way you prefer.

4. Better

Pocket friendly upto 50%..

Means  better recovery @ fraction of the cost as compared to traditional approach.

Chronic pain sufferers are * 3.5 x more
likely to find relief with an integrated approach


Get Started ...1, 2, 3

Getting Started

Getting Started is easy, in just 3 steps:

1. Take the eligibility quiz to see if you qualify...

2. Schedule a paid call with our "Pain Specialist Team"

3. Post-diagnosis, join the Personalized  Care Program
Running Woman.png

Painzio - Your doctor-led pain relief platform,

Painzio is powered by a team with a track record of success in leading healthcare and technology companies.  Our dedicated doctors are super specialists / specialists in their respective fields, guaranteeing you top-notch medical care conveniently delivered through our platform.

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